reparar ordenador sitgesComputer store

PC or Mac repair and configuration of servers, laptops or terminals.
Our technical team will find the solution to the problem in a very short time. We offer maintenance service to companies.

impresión digital
Editorial and Graphic Design

Creation of corporate image, logo, signage, etc.
Custom graphic design.

Professional Service

Young and prepared team with the necessary training to meet the needs of our customers.Offering solutions and providing value in technological innovations.

HP Partner

reparar móvilRepair cell phone

Replacement of original components, all makes and models.
Software solution and data recovery. Guaranteed repairs in minimum time. Enjoy your cell phone again today.

Copy Center

Copy Center: Print & Copy

Printing in different formats, materials and finishes.
Digital printing, fax service, school and office supplies..


More than 10 years of experience support our trajectory and consolidate the future of our company.
We add every day and expand with more services and solutions..

video vigilanciaVideo surveillance

Surveillance system, night vision and motion detection security cameras.
No maintenance fees, viewing on your cell phone.
Living with peace of mind is at your fingertips.

web design
Web design

Custom web design: CRM, online store, portals and Blogs.
Website adapted to cell phones, custom App's.


The individual client or company has the peace of mind of the rigorous treatment and the constant monitoring of our daily work.Microsoft especialist

tpv comercioTPV Software

Point of Sale terminals with specialized management software.
Stock control and productivity in your business.
Don't waste money and improve the way you work.

Marketing onlineOnline Marketing and Positioning

Online marketing strategies: valuable content management and social media management.Organic SEO positioning, Online Marketing and SEM campaign management.


We grow together with our clients, maintaining a constant synergy.
We offer proposals for your business that help it grow in ower computer shop.

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